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Twisted factory captive male

After a quite long absence from the twisted factory captive male scene DragonLily has returned with a big amount of rage developed and ready to be free on her slave wormboy. This gagged and bound dude tries his best to please his mean Mistress. Check out as he crawls doggystyle at her demand, maintaining a hard penis, and licking her feet. Next, on, DragonLily shoves her large strap-on deep inside the slave arse, and she make sure he sticks on tight the mean mistress shocks his ass with a stun gun.


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Captive Male – Ruthless Sativa

Sativa is a very rough and brutal mistress. And that’s just how captive male likes it’s women. Today she takes her prey on the cruise of a lifetime of pain. She puts pincers all over his body including his cock and balls. And just to tease him more she takes her dildo to massage her pussy while he’s watching her. So until next time, we hope you enjoy. Bye.


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Manhood Unsatisfying

Another week and another awesome captive male update here just for you. As you know we always aim to please you and bring you the best of the best dominatrix scenes that you can find. Today this red haired femme fatale puts on her extra large strap on to deeply penetrate her male slave’s ass. And she does a hell of a job too, with him moaning in pleasure.


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CaptiveMale – Harsh Caning

Hey guys, captivemale here again with more man torture at the hands of beautiful dominatrix’s. So for this one this superb woman dressed in red latex binds her slave to the bed in order to have her way with him. And you can bet your ass that he enjoyed every minute of her face sitting treatment that she forced upon him. Enjoy everyone, byee.


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Pleasure Denied

Captive male returns today with another great update for our dominatrix galleries. This guy finds himself at the mercy of his attractive brunette latex mistress. She has a thing for playing around with her man toy’s cock and balls. And today she goes the extra mile treating his cock and balls extra rough. So keep on the watch for the next update.


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Captive Male – Brutal Lesson

For this captive male update, this sizzling hot red haired mistress in teaching her man toy a rough lesson in manners. Again. Well it seems he likes this sort of treatment since he never learns that being in-submissive towards the lady is never a good idea. So watch him receive some hard core whipping from his latex mistress in this update. Enjoy!


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Kinky Education

Captive male returns this week with an awesome update. In this one this sexy blonde mistress caught her man slave talking back to her, and that surely calls for some drastic measures. So she bends him over, ties him to a table, and puts on her large strap on to prepare. Watch her as she thoroughly and roughly fucks the ass of the guy in this gallery.


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Captive Male – Detention

In today’s captive male update we have one naughty student that always gets into trouble. So what is his teacher to do about his behavior. Well she decides that some old fashion spanking and dominatrix style treatment ought to get him into shape. So watch the super hot blonde plant her pussy on his face and see her abuse him to teach him his harsh lesson. For similar material, enter the site and see another gorgeous babe sitting in her partner’s face!

captive-male-licking-pussy Check out this poor guy getting forced to lick pussy!

Shaping kade

For this update captive male brings you the exploits of Kade, a super sexy blonde mistress that always has her boyfriends trained before being together. And today she has her fresh prey ready to take some abusing to get into shape. Watch as the sizzling hot blonde mistress punishes the guy’s tight ass with a huge strap on. We hope you enjoy everyone!


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Captive Male – Summer Punishment

In this captive male update we bring you Daniel, the naughty underling of a dominating boss. Well let’s say his boss finally got fed up with him talking back to her in a sexist manner. So for today he’s going to learn how to treat women properly. Enjoy watching him get tied up and abused by that sexy and hot red head boss of his. Until next time!


 Check out this poor guy getting roughly punished!

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