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Military Recruit Sodomized. When this dude arrives for his captive male video induction he is surprised to find that his training starts immediately. Officer Harmony doesn’t think that this dude has what it takes and requests sit-ups and jogging at that moment. Sweaty and exhausted, he’s taken to the medical office to get a cavity search. His poor ass is inspected using a speculum, and next he’s fucked hard with a strap-on cock. Well miss Harmony sure made use of her fake recruiting facility to have fun with this unsuspecting stud this afternoon. You see when this babe gets horny she gets these wild ideas and the guy was on the receiving end today.

Kinky little Harmony used this ploy to make this guy enter her place, and as soon as he did, the sexy latex mistress grabbed him and she just revealed to him that he’s in her clutches and has no escape. Sit back and watch her humiliating him for a good while as she whips him to test his stamina, and then see the lovely and sexy cuties as she bends over and places her pussy on this guy’s face. So after she was done making him please her orally, she ties him up in a chair and starts to ride his cock nice and hard. Just enjoy seeing the babe fucking this guy hard style this afternoon and have fun with it. We’ll be back next week with more captivemale scenes! Looking for similar videos? If you do, check out the blog! See you next time, our beloved friends and followers!

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