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Nika’s reaction to kade, on the next free captive male videos, is one of disregard. He looks real pathetic to her. Today, on this update she’ll teach him to be much more manly. Very first thing he needs to present Nika how well he can lick her pussy or worship her feet, keep a hard-on, and obviously how well he can go through the pain she’ll be dishing out. Well this kinky babe has just had about enough of her guy being unruly. What he doesn’t know is that this babe sure likes to dominate and this fine afternoon she puts her foot in the door as she will be having lots of fun with him as much as she wants without any disturbances.

She ties him up to the floor and then starts to whip his naughty body all over. She also ties up his cock nicely to make him maintain a nice and prolonged erection and as she bends over she inserts his cock in her pussy. And you rarely get to see a babe getting fucked doggie style with her being in control too. Of course he ended up blowing his load earlier than he should have, and the sexy babe needed to punish him some more. So she took on her strap on dildo and went straight to work on that nice and tight ass for this afternoon. Enjoy seeing her making him moan in pleasure as she fucks his ass and have fun with the video!

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Military Recruit Sodomized. When this dude arrives for his captive male video induction he is surprised to find that his training starts immediately. Officer Harmony doesn’t think that this dude has what it takes and requests sit-ups and jogging at that moment. Sweaty and exhausted, he’s taken to the medical office to get a cavity search. His poor ass is inspected using a speculum, and next he’s fucked hard with a strap-on cock. Well miss Harmony sure made use of her fake recruiting facility to have fun with this unsuspecting stud this afternoon. You see when this babe gets horny she gets these wild ideas and the guy was on the receiving end today.

Kinky little Harmony used this ploy to make this guy enter her place, and as soon as he did, the sexy latex mistress grabbed him and she just revealed to him that he’s in her clutches and has no escape. Sit back and watch her humiliating him for a good while as she whips him to test his stamina, and then see the lovely and sexy cuties as she bends over and places her Mean Bitches pussy on this guy’s face. So after she was done making him please her orally, she ties him up in a chair and starts to ride his cock nice and hard. Just enjoy seeing the babe fucking this guy hard style this afternoon and have fun with it. We’ll be back next week with more captivemale scenes! Looking for similar videos? If you do, check out the blog! See you next time, our beloved friends and followers!

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Rubber slave punished

The Rubber Toy. Totally wrapped in rubber, kinky bondage toy delays for Mz. Berlin to come. When she came, she is with a friend, one more red headed Dominant in these captive male galleries named Miss Fox. This dude is a latex toy utilized for their sadistic pleasure. Check out as Miss Fox clamps his penis and balls as the other hot and sexy latex babe Mz. Berlin mercilessly whips his ass. Either way this fine week you are in for some nice and hot captive male fuck scenes with the trio so let’s not delay any longer as we can bet that you guys and gals are also eager to see this nice and hot show unfold for your viewing pleasure today too!

Berlin and Fox are two kinky, slutty and naughty mistresses with a shared passion for latex outfits and playing hard style during their sex and BDSM sessions. And since this afternoon the red latex beauties got their hands on this submissive slave they were going to take their time torturing him and playing with him. Sit back and watch them clamp his cock like we said while they make him lick their pussies in turns, and then see as Berlin starts to fuck the guy nice and hard in the ass with a dildo strap on while her good buddy pleases her own pussy with a nice and big vibrator as well as she witnesses the wild ass fuck that her buddy unleashes! If you liked this video, check out the site and see some poor babes getting restrained and fucked!

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Lexi Belle captive male

Sodomized bitchboy. Check out the next Lexi Belle captive male video update. Lexi offers max a training in punishment and abuse when they are both on detention. Towards the end this poor doggy boy is nothing more than a sodomized bitch pleased to eat pussy and ass. Well we told you that we’d be bringing this babe back since you loved her superb scenes in the past, and this time she went full naughty mode from the start with her male sex slave. Of course first and foremost she does a fine job to tie him up nicely as she doesn’t want him moving too much. And then the show really starts off with this kinky babe and her slave.

captive-male-lexi-belle-forces-her-friend-to-lick-pussyAs the cameras start rolling, you get to see the babe in her slutty and sexy little outfit and the guy behind her tied up to the floor table. As you can see she was wearing one super outfit composed of a sexy white shirt, a small black skirt and her thigh high stockings along with her very lovely high heel shoes. And notice that we said nothing about lingerie. That’s the trick as this cutie wasn’t wearing any at all. Take your time to see her lifting up the skirt and watch her as she plants her pussy on the man’s face, making him pleasure her pussy orally for the whole afternoon. Have fun with the scene and rest assured that more will follow next week guys and gals! Check out the site if you wanna see other kinky mistresses playing with their men!

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CaptiveMale – Deep anal strapon

Once the delivery boy gets there Phoenix Marie chooses that she is interested in more than his package. Whipped, blind-folded, stripped and gagged, in this captivemale video, Phoenix Marie ensures her fresh meat can keep her happy. His penis gets covered with clothespins and his mouth gets stuffed with a big gag to keep her happy. Ultimately he gets what all slave get at – a hardcore strapon anal fucking. Wow, we sure are happy with this one. You can rest assured that you will never find a more kinky and sexy mistress like this one to do what she does with this lucky prisoner for the whole afternoon today!

She got her hands on this submissive captive male sex slave and so she’s going to be taking her sweet time to play with his cock and his body as much as possible today. You get to see the sexy and slutty blonde mistress as she ties up the guy to her little fuck table, and she makes him wear on his face what she likes to call as a fuck mask. Which as the name implies is just a mouth gag with a dildo on top. So she gets to take her spot on top of his face with her pussy, and you just cannot miss seeing this lovely woman as she takes that dildo deep inside her sweet and wet cunt, and as she orgasms all of her pussy juices end up on the dude’s naughty face too.


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Captive male femdom

Gorgeous Harmony brings a sexy male back to her perverted basement for some captive male femdom S&M sex. As soon as he makes the big mistake of calling her a fucking freak and wants to she ties him with ropes and uses his body for her amusement. And that involves hearing him cry of pain or using his dick for her own pleasure. Either way, poor Daniel receives a kinky education from a gorgeous Mistress. Well there are two reasons why we say that you will always do what the sexy and hot blonde babes asks you to do no matter what and we will explain them as well shortly. So let’s get this amazing and hot show stated.

harmony-punish-her-captive-male-slaveAs another fresh week started off there was no way we were skipping over this nice scene. And well, let’s tell you the secret too. How could you possibly turn down any offer from this cutie in the first place, and just in case that you don’t comply with her request, you will then face her wrath as the babe does have a record for man handling. Well anyway, sit back and watch her training this guy to be submissive today as she ties him up nicely and then se shocks him as well. And then see her taking on her strap on dildo to fuck him hard style. She sure loved to take her time as she planted that dildo deep inside his ass as well for today. Bye for now!


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Sandra Romain captive male

Gagged & interrogated. In the next update it’s Sandra Romain captive male ‘s turn to evaluate this little wormboy. He gets gagged and tied to a chair in the asylum where Sandra proceeds with her interrogation. Failing a simple questions, billy gets flogged and slapped. Next mistress Sandra face-sits this puppy slave and orders him straight away to worship her butthole and feet. The end of this captivemale video is with a severe ass-hammering from Sandra’s strap-on cock. Enjoy as this Romanian porn star has lots of fun with her amazing scene and let’s get it started without due as we bet that you want to see it too.

Miss Sandra gets to role play as this naughty and kinky doctor and she does enjoy herself a nice and submissive guy any day of the week so she can take her time to play with him as much as she wants. Watch her tying up this guy to a chair, and see her teasing him with her body as she undresses and shows off her perky and sexy natural tits as well. You know that she is the queen of anal as well, so before she gets to punish the guy, she does make sure to make him worship her butt and pussy as much as she can. Then you get to see the punishment commence and we bet that you’ll pretty much love it as well. As always have fun with this nice and hot scene and do drop by next week for another amazing and hot gallery update. Also you might enter the site and see some hot chicks getting their asses paddled!



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Captive males

Worthless male slave.
Wolf hudson will get grilled on who made him to spy on mistress Penny Flame. Penny is a captive males devourer. She moves just like a snake while she teases his body with hers, releasing moments of pure rage as being completely sexual on these captive male galleries. Penny skillfully uses wolf’s sexy body to offer herself pleasure and also to drive him insane with lust. As soon as he is used and milked, poor wolf is crab-tied and sodomized by the lovely and sexy brunette mistress all afternoon long today. So do take your time to enjoy one superb and sexy scene with this dominant and sexy babe as she punishes her sex slave this afternoon.

penny-flame-whipes-her-captive-maleThe scene starts off like we said, with the babe tying up this guy to have her fun with him. And you get to see her working that nice and big hard cock with her masterful hands and lips. And the guy thought he’d enjoy himself quite a lot this day with her, but it turns out, that all she wanted to do today was just see how much man milk he had. So after she drained him completely, the babe started to whip his cock as a punishment. You see, she needs him to produce more than he just did, and she will condition him to do so one way or another. Enjoy her scene and see her treating this male sex slave of her rough for the whole afternoon as she whips him! Check out the site if you wanna see some kinky babes getting tied up and fucked! See you next time, friends!

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Amber Rayne captivemale

The really sexual Amber Rayne captivemale mistress has her way along with a wandering business person in sexy suit. Restricted and mouth-packed, this poor fella doesn’t stand a chance with the Dominatrix that sits on his stupid face, strips him and also painfully flicks his penis. A huge orange strap-on deeply screws his ass as Amber gets more aroused. With this suited dude tied to a seat, Amber utilizes him as a sexual slave, Riding his big fat penis for her enjoyment while imposing pain using the flogger. In the end of these next free and unique captive male videos he is milked, left naked, bound and embarrassed.

This sexy and hot mistress is always looking to get rough with her male sex slaves and she was going to take her time subduing this unruly stud. She wants to make a point that even the most bad ass business man can be broken by a cute babe and her sexy body, and you get to see it too. Sit back and watch this cutie tying up the dude to the bed, and then see her taking her spot with her pussy on top of his face, and you get to see and enjoy some nice face sitting action as the babe makes the guy please her orally all afternoon long today. See you as always next week with another update and have fun with this one guys and gals. For similar content, enter the site and see some kinky mistresses going wild!


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Sativa Rose captive male

Ruthless slave abuse. Sative has returned and looks hot and cruel as always. Sativa Rose captive male dominates via her attractiveness. She makes this wormboys lust for her. She teaches his how to satisfy her sexual needs and then displays good sex skills with her strap-on in his ass. In the end of this captivemale videos session poor Chad is eager to cum. Now, the question is will mean Sativa allow this kind of release or will he happen to be teased and denied? Anyway, if you like BDSM in general then you will surely love seeing these sexy and seductive mistresses as they completely dominate males in all of our scenes.


Miss Rose is one such sexy and hot mistress and she just adores to have her way with submissive guys any day of the week. In this scene you get to see the gorgeous and sexy brunette as she gets to have all the fun that she wants with this horny stud. As you can see she makes quick work of tying him up and she then gets her strap on dildo to start having fun with him. Enjoy as she gets to fuck his nice and tight ass missionary style for the afternoon and see her making him moan in pleasure as she fucks him. And of course that from all that anal fucking with the big toy the guy cums and blows his load all over himself as well. Enjoy watching this great scene! Also you might visit the site and see other submissive men getting tied up and fucked!

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